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社内のコミュニケーションは、もちろん私たちの責任です。 しかし、私たちの仕事は、クライアントとの連絡担当となるAE(アカウントエグゼクティブ;企画・営業)、そして社内で作業するコピーライター、アートディレクター、プロダクション等の多くのスタッフのチームワークで達成することができます。


Our communication with clients

Good communication helps our service to clients.

We work to meet the needs of you and your products. As you know, a program is one of the indispensable parts of our service.

In order to create a program and ideas that satisfy the needs of you and your new drug, first we will understand your therapeutic agent no less than you do, through sharing all the available information and knowledge with you. We will find out how the needs for this medicine have come up, in particular, the current trend of the treatments against the target disease, as well as its relating market situation, main challenges, and the future prospect.

So, in addition to our own knowledge and experiences, it is extremely important for you as a client to provide us your knowledge and information obtained through the various experiences and actual communication with healthcare professionals. With your useful advice, we can work effectively and efficiently for you.

Our internal communication

Good internal communication makes us the best.
A project requires a team of many staff members from an account executive as your direct contact person to our internal staff such as copywriters, art directors, and some other production specialists.

For the highest quality work to fulfill the needs of you and your product, our entire team collaborates with you and focuses exactly on the same goal. For that purpose, we will make sure that we are in alignment at each and every step of the way by maintaining open and frequent communication.