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次にこの製品が適応となる疾患の医学と医療の現実、EBM、競合品等、市場においてこの製品が導入、成長するために必要なあらゆる要素を分析、把握します。 この際に使用する資料は、私たちが独自に収集した医学書や関連文献、およびクライアントから提供される学術情報や文献、質的量的市場調査資料などです。










What and why you can expect from us and
our marketing communication program

Our process

Our typical marketing process is shown in this diagram below.
First step comes to know your new product: It is a must for a marketing communication agency.

Next, we gather all information necessary for the launch of your product and its future growth in the market, including the scientific data and therapeutic aspects of the target disease, EBM, and competing products. Initially, we need to get various informative reports. Scientific journal and medical documents are selected from our resources, the mechanism and characteristics of the product are provided from the client, and results of qualitative and quantitative market research are used.

Obtained information combines precisely and properly with the knowledge on efficacy and safety of the drug and subsequently, the complicated data goes through SWOT analysis.

The base strategy to launch the product is planned and decided based on such results.

Then, we go into the next stage and, according to the base strategy, the key message is created.
Unlike an eye-catching phrase that we will come up with later on for the advertisement tool, a key message is much more like a product concept.

It is a 30 seconds to a minute explanation that clearly and logically tells the characteristics and clinical benefits of the product. So, medical representatives can use it to explain easily and simply to doctors about your new medicine.

Not only must the message be compelling but also can become the foundation of a catch phrase for advertisement and use as a sales promotion tool.

In the strategy of creative advertisement, this key message is creatively and effectively expressed as a “Key phrase plus Key visual images” without breaching regulations for advertising prescription drugs.

The key message must be persuasively delivered by your intensive activities with scientific and supportive information materials.

Building awareness among patients as the ultimate beneficiary of the product and the general public through mass media becomes one of the very important matters in the marketing communication program.

A comprehensive approach through these steps leads our way to the final goal in enhancing and establishing the brand image of your product.

コミュニケーションプログラムに含まれる 要素と考え方の説明図